Obagi Hydrate Luxe

Take moisturizing up a notch! The Obagi skin care line offers an overnight extra-strength moisturizer called Hydrate Luxe. This moisturizer has all the ingredients of the standard Hydrate; however, there are added ingredients that work while you sleep to provide rejuvenation and added moisture to the skin. The added ingredients in Luxe have been designed to replenish and support cell and tissue renewal. Luxe has been shown to reduce skin fragility, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin firmness and help repair skin from environmental stressors. Luxe is a great overnight moisturizer or can be an added benefit during the winter months when skin tends to be dry.

Crystal L. Brieden, PA-C Crystal Brieden is an awarded Certified Physician Assistant who has been practicing Aesthetics for close to 6 years. Her background includes Orthopedics with a specialty in spinal surgery and pain management. She has a special touch with her patients and is best known for being honest, conservative and putting the patient first. She is well versed in all treatments at So Cal body Institute ! Her knowledge runs deep and her thirst for advanced techniques is why she continues her research through symposiums, advanced hands on training and aesthetics conferences.

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